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    • Solid Core Compact Hpl Sheet
Product Details

Color Core Compact Laminate

Clear pattern, Create the visual effect of true to nature. 

The colors of laminate surface and core are same.

Basic, affordable materials like Zhongtian Polybett® Color core compact laminate can be used in highly creative ways to transcend their fundamental practicality. Now more versatile than ever, Zhongtian Polybett® Color core compact laminate offers an assortment of inspiring solid colors and patterns that go all the way through so there’s no dark edge.

The customer can choose colors from the factory catalogue,or the customer can supply their colors to us, we can find the same or similar colors from decorative paper supplier. 

Product structure


1.elegant look

2.wear resistant

3.long lasting sheen and color

4.compression resistant 

5.heat resistant ,

6.burning smoking resistant ,

7.mould resistant , 

8.water proof, 


Product Specifications

Sizes available(mm):

1220*1830(4'x6'), 1220*2440(4'x8'), 1220*3660(4'x12')

1300*2800(4.3'x9'), 1300*3050(4.3'x10')

1530*1830(5'x6'), 1530*3050(5'x10'), 1530*3660(5'x12')

1830*1830(6'x6'), 1830*2440(6'x8'), 1830*3660(6'x12') 

Thickness range:  0.7mm-30mm


Kitchen table top/Dinner table top

Desk top/Ceiling/Office table

Wall decorative in boutique hotel, high-end clubs, etc

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