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    • Anti UV Film Coated Exterior Panel
Product Details

Exterior Compact Panel

Zhongtian Polybett® Exterior compact panel is a special compact laminate of best quality level.It is produced under great pressure and high temperatures. 

Zhongtian Polybett® exterior compact panel has several sizes and various of colors which is a durable material with fade resistance. It come with high UV resistance which makes it ideal for exterior and cladding facades.

Zhongtian Polybett® exterior panel its excellent mechanical properties make it particularly suitable for the building industry where it offers an ideal alternative to traditional material such as stones, wood, glass etc.it has been used for outdoor public facilities such as outdoor enclosures, signs, benches,stairways,balcony,ventilated facades etc.it can also be used for outdoor furniture with perfect weather resistance and unique decoration.

Product structure

UV resistant film

Coloured paper impregnated with melamine resin    

Layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin

Product Specifications

Sizes available:

1220*1830mm(4'x6'), 1220*2440mm(4'x8'), 1220*3660mm(4'x12'), 1300*2800mm(4.3'x9'),1300*3050mm(4.3'x10'), 1530*1830mm(5'x6'), 1530*3050mm(5'x10'), 1530*3660mm(5'x12') ,1830*1830mm(6'x6'),1830*2440mm(6'x8'),1830*3660mm(6'x12')

The variety of surface treatment:textured surface treatment

Colors:various color for choose

Thickness: 3mm--30mm


1.ultraviolet-proof property,

2.Stain resistance ,

3.Anti exposure,

4.Anti rain, 

5.Impact resistance,

6.Environmental friendly , 

7.Easy to work , 

8.Various colors for choose. 


Outdoor wall decoration/ Outdoor furniture

Outdoor enclosure/Signs/ Benches/Stairways

Balcony/Ventilated facades/And other fields

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